Thanks for a great show at the Press Room!

We did it. We played these songs for people. And we want to say thank you to those everyone who came out. Some from as far as several hours away. We very much appreciate you coming out and laying down your hard-earned cash to watch us perform. It is not something we take for granted.

A very special thanks to all the SWC folks (in no apparent order): Gregg Porter, Michael Yorgensen, Chris Decato, Karen Elizabeth, Clara Kebabian, Guy Capacelatro III, Jim Rioux, Chris Greiner (adjunct), Ryan Prows (from the Los Angeles SWC cluster).

Sidney Lindner & the Silver Wilderness Collective live at the Press Room in Portsmouth, NH, October 5th, 2019
SL & SWC Live at the Press Room in Portsmouth, NH

We shared the stage with the truly excellent Eastern Sleds. Their tight harmonies and great songs really made me bummed out to follow them. Seriously, they were so good. Why aren’t Eastern Sleds bigger than Coldplay?

Eastern Sleds sounding amazing at the Press Room, Portsmouth, NH

Anyway, we (I think I can speak for the entire SWC) hope you enjoyed the show. I was nervous and anxious which, as it often does, made me a bit ornery. But you stuck with me and I thank you for that. While it may have seemed entirely extemporaneous, I can assure you that we had two rehearsals before the show.

I should mention that Community Recording Services represented, with some of their great team coming in all the way from Connecticut! If you haven’t checked out what this amazing non-profit is doing you really should (full disclosure, I am on the board). Their motto is “Make Music Not Profit”. What more do you want?!

Also, a shout out to the always fascinating Chris Greiner for setting up the show, treating us so well and helping to shepherd the Press Room into the current era. There’s an actual Green Room!

Well, I have digressed.

If you liked the show – or even if you didn’t – I’d encourage you to get the record. We’re really proud of it. Talk to you soon.