It started with a fall.

We all met up in Sunapee, NH and it was hot if I recall. We actually intended this to be two different records as it was made in two separate trips to the church (more on that later, probably). Did I mention it was hot? Seeing all the old faces was wonderful and we quickly got about the business of making a record. Yorgi was at the helm but was quite generous about letting others take the wheel (this is a metaphoric wheel, there is no actual wheel) when it made sense. So Guy would jump into the control seat or occasionally someone else. I had sent the gang a bunch of songs as “demos” in various states. None of which were particularly complete or all that interesting. But we started to breathe some kind of magic into them. Some kind of alchemy between the ghosts of the old church, now pewless, the crucible of long friendship, the sweat, the electricity. As usual though, I thought it was an unmitigated disaster at the time. It always seems like that. I think it’s because it never matches the vision you have in your mind. But I’ve learned to let go of that vision a little bit (or a lot) and let the molecules of the moment seep into everything.

More later. xo, Sid.